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The area enjoys a very mild climate, typical of the seaside resorts. Within 5 Km, you can find the Puntone tourist harbour and two spectacular bays: Cala Martina and Cala Violina (a selected beach among the ten most beautiful ones in Italy) that can be reached on foot or by bikes through a path in the wood.

You can also easily get to Castiglione della Pescaia, Punta Ala and Follonica, famous seaside resorts known for their shallow sea depths, their wide fine sanded beaches and their beautiful pine-woods that make the holiday particularly suitable for families with children.
In the surroundings there are a number of characteristic villages where it is possible to taste the typical Maremma cooking and delicious fish dishes (we advise you to driver through Monteregio win route).
The naturalistic oasis named “Bandite di Scarlino” offers a lot of paths for those people who are fond of trekking and mountain bike. It is a large woody area overlooking the sea, rich in game and characterized by the Mediterranean maquis.

Thanks to its position in the middle of an Etruscan area, the holiday house is ideally situated for touring: excursions to the necropolis of Populonia, Vetulonia, and Roselle and to medieval towns such as Massa Marittima, Volterra and San Gimignano are highly reccomended. Also cities of art like Siena, Pisa and Florence can be visited in one-day trip. Moreover our holiday house is an ideal base for excursions to Elba Island, Tuscany Arcipelago Island (Giglio and Giannutri) and to Meremma Natural Park. A golf course is 7 Km far.
Maremma is very rich in traditional celebrations and country festivals among wich the most renowned one are “Le Carriere di Scarlino” on August 19th and “Il Balestro del Girifalco” in Massa Marittima on May 20th and the second Sunday of August. They are both historical commemorations in costume through the main town streets. The natural beauty of this place and the friendly hospitality make your stay at Casa Vacanze Bicchi (Bicchi Holiday House), an unique occasion to discover a place where to spend a holiday in contact with nature, one step from the sea.


In the surrounding area there are numerous villages where you can enjoy Maremma cuisine or fish specialties (to be followed by the characteristic road of “Monteregio Wine”). For hikers and mountain bikers there are many trails in the “Bandite di Scarlino” Naturalistic Oasis; a forest extension on the sea, rich in game and characterized by the typical flora typical of Mediterranean scrub.

The location in the full Etruscan area allows easy excursions to the necropolis of Populonia, Vetulonia, Roselle and the medieval towns of Massa Marittima, Volterra and San Giminiano. Even the art cities of Siena, Pisa and Florence can be visited with day trips. Our n. the structure is also an easy starting point for excursions to the Elba Island and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago (Giglio, Giannutri) or the Maremma Natural Park. There is also a golf course at 7 Km.

Among the numerous festivals and village festivals, of which Maremma is rich, stand out “Career of Scarlino”, on August 19 and “Il Balestro del Girifalco” in Massa Marittima. On the 20th of May and the second Sunday in August, two historic costumes will be made on the streets of the country.



Petriolo Spa (km. 80)
Le The Petriolo Spa was first mentioned in 1239 when Siena carried out a census of all the people who went there to be cured with its thermal waters; even Pope Pio II went there to benefit from the water’s exceptional properties. But the spa ? s origins are believed to date back to Roman times at the same time as the Roman settlements, discovered in the area. Situated alongside the Farma stream, the 40°C water – rich in sulphide hydrogen, excellent for curing respiratory ailments – is channeled by pipes that bring it up from a depth of 300 metres to the surface. A modern, thermal bath complex is well equipped for mud therapy, inhalation cures, nasal sprays and aerosol. Next to the Thermal Centre, there is also a Wellness Centre, offering varied treatments for the care and beauty of the face and body.

Terme del Calidario (km. 30)
This thermal spring was known in Etruscan times as was a flourishing iron and steel industry in the same area; and in Roman times, the spring supplied water to the Roman legionaries. In 1249, building began on the first containing wall for the hot water that came, and still does, to the surface at 37°C at a capacity of 12.000 litres per second.
The water is rich in sulphates and chlorides, wonderful for curing skin and respiratory problems.
Nowadays, the spa has developed its services to include wellness treatments, restaurants, residential complexes and areas for motor homes.


A 9 km sandy shore, going from north to south, stretches between Follonica and Scarlino, divided into free beaches and private beaches. Entertainment is guaranteed: sailing schools, wind surf, kite surf, diving, watergym but also restaurants, and playgrounds for children.